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Products Included in this Special MEGA PAK:

Product #1:
FULL Magnetic Marketing

Product #2: New Marketing Super Conference!

Product #3: Midas Touch Library!

Product #4: Customer Appreciation Seminar

Product #5: Maximum Profit Direct Marketing!

Mega Marketing DELUXE Pak Product #1:
Magnetic Marketing


STOP Wasting Money On Advertising Guesswork

STOP Wasting Time On Cold Call Prospecting Grunt Work

Will Change Your Business Life Forever"

Amazingly Powerful Advertising, Marketing, Direct Marketing, Customer/Client Attraction & Persuasion Strategies REVEALED....


I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter -- it IS that important! It introduces something THAT revolutionary!  


Dear Friend,

If you own a Small Business of any kind:  How would you like to stop being an “advertising victim”?.....Finally get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion?  At will, attract a flood of new customers?  At will, spark a huge cash flow surge?  Define and DOMINATE any “target market” of your choosing…..for less than $2.00 per prospect?  (It doesn’t matter if you own a company selling sophisticated software only to the Fortune 1000 or a local flower shop, incredibly what I’m about to reveal to you can “re-invent” your entire marketing process for the better!)

If you are a Sales Professional:  How would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all? Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects who are pre-disposed to view you as an expert ally and advisor, pre-disposed to buy from you?  Put an end to being “screened”, to phone tag? Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

If you are a Sales Manager or Marketing Executive:
  How would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company’s advertising…..AND…..make your salespeople immensely more productive?

All those benefits, and many more, are readily available -- with my marketing strategies, notably my “Magnetic Marketing Systems”.  

My name is Dan Kennedy.  You’ve probably heard of me -- or heard me.  I speak to over 200,000 people each year, appearing in big events with the likes of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, and Larry King, and Paul Harvey just to name a few.  Private clients pay me $800.00 an hour for consultations; $7,500.00 to $15,000.00 plus royalties to develop marketing documents, tools, and campaigns.

One of my hottest, most in demand speech topics and consulting specialties is -- “Magnetic Marketing” -- and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my Magnetic Marketing Systems and Strategies.  (I’ve enclosed a few.)  


I promise you that you, too, will be amazed at the power of my unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform businesses and sales careers from struggle or ‘average’ to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed. If you act quickly, you can put my “marketing wizardry” to work for YOU now, on a zero risk basis.

In this letter, I’m going to tell you exactly what my Systems can do for your business and career.


I Know You May Go To A Lot Of Seminars, Hear A Lot Of Speakers, And Own A Lot Of Books And Tapes. Still, I Outright Guarantee You've Never Gotten Your Hands On Anything Quite As Powerful And Practical As My Materials.

I have assembled a product like no other -- yes, it includes audio CD's, but you MUST NOT prejudge it because of that.  This is actually a complete “TOOL KIT”.....real tools you take and use in your business.  It’s called THE MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEMS KIT and you might think of it as a complete, transformational marketing department in a box.  Actually, this is such a unique product it is hard to describe, but I’m going to take my very best shot.

There are 6 main, moneymaking “components” in my MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEMS KIT -- let me walk you through each of them:


“No Brainer”, Fast Implementation  


First, in general, I’ve made implementation an 80% “no-brainer”, because I have done 80% of the work for you.  In addition to teaching on the 6 CD's in the Kit, I have taken 11 different businesses and 4 different sales careers, in 6 different business categories, and treated each one as a private, paying client, and created complete direct marketing/Magnetic Marketing Systems for each one, including all of the “power documents”: prospecting and sales letters, ads, postcards, and so on.  And these documents are all marked ‘Copyright Free’, which gives you permission to take them and use them, virtually as-is!  (When I am paid to develop ONE collection of documents, for one client, I am typically paid $7,500.00 to as much as $15,000.00 plus royalties, so there is over $75,000.00 worth of copywriting services provided in this Kit!)


Now, here’s the best part:  Information and ideas are fine, but let’s bridge the gap to implementation.  It turns out that 90% of all businesses and sales careers fit one (or more) of these categories so perfectly…..YOUR business or sales career will match up with (at least) one of these categories so perfectly, you will be able to “steal” and use those “power documents” and strategies outright, just as if they were created for you…..only very minor adaptation necessary!  


Please pay attention to this point!  At each seminar, after each speech, I am surrounded by people, each asking if the Kit applies to this business, that business, each believing theirs to be so ‘different’ it must not be included.  


So, to repeat: 90% of all businesses and sales careers are covered by this Kit!  For most, at least one category is such a perfect match, there’s instant application with little or no creative adaptation.


The Kit covers business-to-business selling situations, to-consumer situations, retail, restaurants, professional practices, real estate, automobile sales, even financial services sales (where there are compliance issues), direct sales and network marketing, industrial, big ticket items, and on and on.  And just about everybody who gets this Kit finds one category to be a very close match…..they learn and ‘borrow’ from ALL the materials, AND they are able to instantly and easily apply the tools from the one category best matched to their business.


Included in these Copyright-Free Documents, in one of the business examples, are the now-famous “Giorgio, Romance Director” Letters that I show at most seminars, that every audience falls in love with!  You’ve just got to see this “marketing masterpiece”!

Learn From What Others Have Done  

In addition to everything I created for you, I have also included 102 -- yes, 102! -- additional “Exhibits” that I did NOT create.  These came from people just like you, who purchased previous Editions of the Kit, took something, adapted it to their business, then sent it in with a report of extraordinary results.

These Exhibits let you see exactly how business owners, marketing executives, and salespeople have very successfully adapted and used the ‘power documents’ in the Kit.  By seeing how they’ve moved the ‘documents’ from one business to another, from a different business to theirs, you can see how to do it too.

Included in these 102 Exhibits, you even get a “Cash Flow Surge Letter”.....4 typed pages that brought in $58,000.00 of extra, cash business in 15 days for an art gallery owner and has been adapted, with similar success, in over a dozen different businesses that we know of.  These four typed pages ALONE could easily be worth thousands of dollars to you.

Don’t mistake this Kit for a big collection of “form letters”, by the way.  SOME of my Marketing Systems are “letter driven”.  But virtually EVERY possible media; every effective method of getting your ‘marketing message’ out to your target markets is included in my Systems.  My MAGNETIC MARKETING KIT is a comprehensive, integrated package of help with marketing messages, target marketing, and every media and method.



The “Cafeteria Tape”


CD #1 “walks” you through every page, every ‘power document’, every tool, every example in the Kit.  Sit down for about a half-hour at your desk or kitchen table, with the Kit, listen to this first Tape, and you will understand everything in the Kit, where it is, why it’s there, how it is to be used.  This way, you quickly set up your own “cafeteria line”, so you can go back through the line…..pick out the strategy and ‘tools’ most relevant to your business right now.….get those up and running, working for you.….then go back through the line and pick another system…..etc.


Oh, and don’t worry about the “how to eat an elephant problem” here -- the answer IS “one bite at a time”.  This Kit is NOT something you’re going to zip through once, put on a shelf and never go back to.  Not at all!  It IS a true “tool kit” you’ll keep going back to, time after time, month after month.  And each time you choose and put to work a System, a strategy, or tool, you will AGAIN simplify your business, strengthen your marketing, increase your income!



A “Crash Course” In Magnetic Marketing


CD's #2, 3, 4 and 5 give you a fast, crash course in these unusual, powerful marketing strategies.  These unique CD's condense my answers to a full day of interviewing about all of my marketing’s a total “brain drain”.....and it’s eminently listenable.  I promise you: you’re going to EAGERLY listen to these four CD's over and over again, making new discoveries every time!  If you have business associates, get them to listen to these 4 CD's, and they’ll instantly have their minds opened to these new approaches.



Get Off To A Super-Fast Start.....


CD #6 is the “Fast Start Tape”.  Here, I focus only on a couple of the most powerful, easy to master, easy to implement Marketing Systems you can very quickly see great results from.


Hands-On, Personal Assistance:

A $1,000.00+ Consultation Value!


You get TWO “2nd Opinion Critique Certificates” -- each lets you send any one printed promotional item for your business to me for my personal feedback, by mail or FAX.  You can send in an ad, letter, brochure, whatever.  And staff does NOT do this; you get advice from me on what you’ve done well, what you haven’t, and how to improve it. (By the way, a warning: I’m rather blunt.  I may hurt your feelings.  But I WILL improve what you’re doing!)

As a consultant, I frequently provide this 2nd Opinion Critique Service to many companies, entrepreneurs, even ad agencies, and charge $200.00 per Critique, so this IS a very real $400.00 value. However, it can certainly be worth a whole lot more to you. (There’s a dentist in Sacramento, for example, who made three “little” changes in his Val-Pak Coupon after my critique -- and TRIPLED the response.  Or an industrial products company… “little” change in their trade journal ads slashed their cost-per-lead by 30%.)

You ALSO get a “My #1 Marketing Challenge Consultation Coupon”.  I will respond to your most vexing marketing challenge.  I regularly charge $800.00 per hour for consulting, but this is included for you at no added charge!

"How Can I Be Sure The Magnetic Marketing Kit
Will Work For My Particular Business?"

In all my years of selling this Kit, including selling over a million dollars worth at my speaking engagements with Zig Ziglar and Peter Lowe last year alone, I have been asked about THOUSANDS of different types of businesses. Understandably, everybody thinks theirs is a "special case." The first thing you should know is that most aren't. Most "one-of-a-kind" businesses have much in common with many other businesses.

Second, we have a measured 96% satisfaction rate on these Kits - 96% of all Kit buyers not only keep the Kits, they also, subsequently make additional purchases of other materials, seminars or services from me.

Third, odds are heavily in favor of one of the "models" in the Kit so closely matching your business that you'll be able to just "steal" (with my permission) and use, with 90% of the work already done for you - a true 'no brainer' AND other 'models' close enough you can pick and use parts. But, like everything I sell, this IS guaranteed, so you take no risk.

How Much Does The Kit Cost?

What if I told you it cost NOTHING? By MANY standards, that's absolutely true. Even if you hire a local advertising copywriter (not one of my stature), you'll pay, at bare minimum, a few hundred dollars to get just one sales letter campaign created. If you hire a copywriter or consultant of my caliber, you'll pay thousands. So the Kit pays for itself the very first time you do anything with it! But more importantly, I'll give you a special, extra Guarantee...a Double Guarantee:

This Isn't Some Ordinary Satisfaction Guarantee.
I'll Guarantee PROFITS.


An Incredibly Valuable
Fast Action BONUS Offer:


I’ve also reserved a copy of my Special Report “How To Solve All Your Advertising, Marketing & Sales Problems, Fast & Forever” -- and the three “Bonus Reports” offered to the first 100 at-event buyers -- for you -- and you keep that Report and the “Bonus Reports” even if you choose to return everything else for a refund.


The three “Bonus Reports” are extremely powerful:


1.      “How To (At Least) Double The Results From Your Yellow Pages, Coupon & Other ‘Print’ Advertising”. (e-Book)

2.      “How To Turn Mailing Lists Into Money: Sophisticated Target Marketing Made Simple”.  This Report shows you how  to obtain the names, addresses, etc. of the people most likely to buy your services or products. (e-Book)

3.      “How To Print All The Money You Want Legally”.  This Report shows you how to create “lead generation magnets”, “widgets”, and “secondary reason for response”. (e-Book)

So I argue this Kit costs you nothing. But there is an investment. I could sell this Kit for more than a $1,000.00 and still be delivering a genuine, inarguable bargain. If you don't believe that, drop by some high falutin' ad agency, sit down with a couple of the "Suits", and get a quote for them to create an ad campaign or a direct-mail campaign for you. More often than not, the Armani-suited boys'll talk in thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars...they'll prescribe advertising to match your wallet...and, more often than not, it'll be lousy to boot. Here, you've got stuff that absolutely works! And the entire investment is just $399.00.

If you're in business, you know $399 doesn't buy much advertising - and it's easy to WASTE that on just one ill-fated ad or marketing 'idea.' If you're in sales, your time has to produce value greater than $50 an hour for you to earn $100,000 a year - so this Kit only needs to "save" you 8 hours to pay for itself...less than an hour a month in improved productivity. Make this investment today - I guarantee you'll be very glad you did.

right now?!

  • ANY/EVERY Small Business Owner in ANY field.

  • ANY/EVERY manufacturer and business-to-business marketer competing for business, supporting salespeople in the field.

  • ANY/EVERY retailer or other business attracting traffic to a store, showroom, theater, restaurant, other place of business or to events.

  • ANY/EVERY sales professional who needs appointments with truly qualified prospects.

  • ANY/EVERY doctor, accountant, financial planner, other professional involved in practice-building.

  • ANY/EVERY 'network marketer'.

  • ANY/EVERY corporate CEO or Sales Manager interested in greater return-on-investment from advertising.
Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing System
Toolkit w/CD's


Mega Marketing DELUXE Pak Product #2:
New Marketing Super Conference!


Listen In On Dan's Biggest, Grandest, Most Valuable, Most Extraordinary Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference Ever -- Which People Paid $2,487.00 Each To Attend . . . And Came From As Far Away As Australia!

By Dan Kennedy

These may be six of the most valuable audio CD's you'll ever have an opportunity to get your hands on -- at any price -- because these are NOT 'motivational' CD's (although they WILL motivate you) and these are NOT full of 'fluff' (although they may entertain you). These are live-recorded, uncensored CD's totally and solely and unabashedly and unapologetically devoted to one thing and one thing only: Making as much money as is humanly possible, as quickly as possible, as easily as possible via super-savvy marketing in your business, in any business.

These were recorded at my SuperConference, the 8th such event, attended by a dentist, a chiropractor, an auto glass shop owner, a carpet cleaner, the CEO of an INC. 500 'fastest growing company', the President of a multi-million dollar software company, an executive recruiter, publishers, the #1 real estate agent in the entire Remax system, marketers of 'information products' to dozens of niches, speakers, authors........entrepreneurs from small towns and our biggest cities, from new start-ups and giant companies, from as close by as down the street from my office to as far away as Sydney.  Each paying $2,487.00 to get in. 

You missed it -- but you do not have to miss out on all of it!  One of the very best audio-editors in the country has painstakingly gone through all the tape - over 40 hours - and assembled the very best, the most compelling highlights of the entire Conference. 

Here are SOME of the highlights included . . .

In my Presentation, in these Highlight CD's, I reveal THE biggest 'killer mistake' made by virtually every businessperson in marketing himself, his business, products and services -- correcting this single error alone might literally make you rich. This discussion alone is worth the price of admission.

In fact, if you'd like to know what separates people like me, Jeff Paul, Joe Polish, and others who make huge money via marketing from the masses who never make it happen, this is that answer.

Also in my Presentation, I take you through all the steps and elements of assembling a compelling, magnetic 'offer.'  You see, it's the 'offer' that is the difference between ordinary advertising and powerful direct-response advertising, between run-of-the-mill presentations and selling in a way no one can say no to you. 

If you'd like a single 'trick' to immediately and dramatically improve the results from any ad, letter, flyer, coupon, mailing, phone script or even person-to-person selling, this is it -- learn to use EVERY available means of strengthening the irresistibility of your offer.   And if you now invest any of your money in any kind of advertising, you MUST get this information.

Also in my Presentation, I reveal the strategies for overcoming skepticism, cynicism, fear, doubt, hesitancy and procrastination, so you can get more people to more quickly trust you and buy from you. What I say to you here about providing prospects with 'shortcuts to decision-making' can make you such a powerful, irresistible persuader you'll be considered dangerous.

Think about this: for every person who says 'yes' to you, how many are almost persuaded, almost act, but then back away and go away without putting any of their money into your bank account....what's the multiple? 4 to 1, 6 to 1, 10 to 1, 50 to 1...? 

What does it do to your income if you can capture 1/4th of those, 1/2 of those, with these powerful strategies?  Do the math.  What I reveal here could certainly be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you yet this year.  I have the answer to flipping non-buyers into buyers.  To melting sales resistance away like the hot Phoenix sun melts a Milky Way left on the car dashboard.

I also discuss my 'Top Ten Risk Reversal Ideas', to further strengthen your ability to get maximum response from every letter you mail, every sales presentation you make.

And I won't just TELL you about all this. I'm going to give you all the hand-outs I gave to the SuperConference attendees about these topics, in a neatly bound book, for your reference and use.  So I SHOW-AND-TELL. 

Imagine this: a one-page article reprint I believe is so valuable I would unabashedly charge $500.00 to read it -- if it hadn't already appeared in the L.A. Times.  What could be in such an article?  Or how about this: examples of some of the most powerful direct-response copy I've seen -- called to your attention and analyzed for you, so you can adapt it for your own moneymaking purposes.  This

collection of hand-outs by itself is worth more than I'm asking of you, for this entire offer!

Now, listen very carefully to this: this Presentation will NEVER be made available again, to anybody, in any form.  If you missed the SuperConference, the only way to get it is via this offer, right now.  And when I promise that what I 'show-n-tell' here can give you a brutally unfair advantage over your competitors, I'm making the understatement of the year.

That's just my part of the Audio.

Additional Highlights . . .

You will also hear from successful 'alumni' and clients in Panel Discussions and Q/A Sessions.  People like Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing -- who has helped over 5,000 people in his industry dramatically increase their incomes. 

Jeff Paul, the internationally famous '$4,000.00-a-day-sitting-at-home-in-your-underwear' direct marketing guru -- 'as seen on TV!' 

Pamela Yellen, known throughout the insurance and financial services fields as the most innovative marketing expert of all.  These are people I work with personally. 

Together, we make millions of dollars and help hundreds of private clients turn ordinary businesses into moneymaking machines, ideas into fortunes, simple sales letters into floods of cash arriving in mailboxes.

And that's not all.  Also in the Audio Highlights -- you'll sit in on special 'breakout sessions' featuring Ken McCarthy, on how you can really make money on the Internet , with Web sites and e-mail.

I will even give you an extra, Special Report all about legitimate, real methods of making money via the Internet that Ken prepared just for my Conference attendees. 

And from Elaine Floyd on marketing via newsletters AND making putting out your own newsletter fast and easy.  And from Nicole Smith of ATG Technologies, on implementing smart marketing 'tricks' like the 'free recorded message'. And more.

And you'll hear Brian Tracy's 'secrets of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.'  Brian went from poorly educated itinerant worker to holding an MBA, providing training to a who's who of the Fortune 1,000, and becoming Nightingale-Conant Corporation's #1 author of high content audio cassette programs.  As a confidante of the rich and famous, Brian has traveled, lectured and worked in 80 different countries. He is a voracious student of economic trends, entrepreneurial strategies, and wealth-building secrets.  He held my audience spellbound.

ALL THIS, packed into 6 Audio Highlight CD's!

If you can listen to these CD's and fail to grab at least one HOT STRATEGY you can't wait to use, that definitely and indisputably and quickly puts money in your pocket, then I'm George Of The Jungle's Uncle and, after you tell me the bad news, I'll go into exile somewhere, live off bananas and tree bark, never to be seen or heard from again.


Dan Kennedy's
New Marketing, Direct Marketing
& Success Conference CD's


Mega Marketing Starter Kit Product #3:
Midas Touch Library!


Midas Touch LIBRARY
by Dan Kennedy"



2 CD's summarize the information originally featured in Dan Kennedy's full-day seminars on successful marketing strategies for any business. Entrepreneur Magazine said that Dan "has at least 101 moneymaking strategies for any business." Here's what you'll discover on these tapes:

  • Little Known Psychological Secrets Of Stimulating Maximum Referrals & Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
  • How One Simple Piece Of Paper And Just 60 Seconds Of Conversation Can Double Your Customer Base In 30 Days Or Less
  • Combine Target Marketing And Testimonial Marketing To Spark Super-High Response And Pre-empt Price/Fee Resistance
  • Three Simple Steps To Direct Mail Success
  • Two Main Criteria For Choosing Productive Mailing Lists
  • THE Secret Factor That Controls Response To Sales Letters
  • Six Ways To Enhance Your Offer, Make It A Most Powerful MAGNET
  • Fourteen Quick & Easy Rules For Maximizing Impact Advertising
  • THE One Mistake NEVER To Make When Offering Discounts
  • Increase Frequency of Purchasing Of Customers
  • How To Prevent Sales Slumps
  • Why "Turnover" Is Not Negative
  • THE Fastest Way To Get Big Increases from Any Sales Organization
  • How To Combine "Marketing" With A Live Sales Force
  • The Two Kinds Of "Bias" That Guarantee Maximum Growth And Profits For Any Business
  • What You Must Remember About Trends -"Win By Price, Lose By Price": How To Sell More By Raising Prices And Having Higher Prices Than Competitors'

"Midas Touch Marketing".....$69.00  


2 CD's present the key concepts, principles and strategies that Dan moves from the world of 'direct marketing' to supercharge any business or sales career. Here' what you'll discover on these tapes:

  • How to replace Traditional & Ordinary Advertising with Direct-Response Advertising
  • How to Make Good Advertising Decisions - THE Economic Principle that Should Govern ALL Advertising Investments
  • How to Increase the Value of Each of your Customers
  • The Secret Reason Why Your Competitor(s) Succeed in Wooing Away Your Customers
  • How to avoid "Growing Broke"
  • How to Profitably use Mailing Lists
  • OFFERS: Why & How To Structure Offers Differently For Different Markets, For The Same Business
  • Seven "Magic Tricks" to add OOMPH!!! to your Offers
  • When to use different Direct-Mail Formats - How to GUARANTEE that YOUR Mail Will Be Opened
  • Three Hurdles the Headline or First Sentence Must Leap Over, Or Nothing Else You Do Matters
  • How to "Move" People Through Your Copy
  • How to Recognize and "Copycat" the "Look" of a Successful Sales Letter, Ad,Brochure, Coupon, Etc.
  • If you can sell, you can write powerful Sales Letters

"Midas Touch Direct Marketing"... $69.00



19 Secrets of Exceptional Results Selling. Dan's very different approach pre-empts objections, eliminates price resistance, creates consultive positioning, utilizes 'Takeaway Selling' more. Here's what you'll discover on these 2 CD's:

  • How to Pre-Empt and Prevent Price Objections AND how to Destroy "Cheaper" Competition
  • How to Get to the Decision-Maker, Fast
  • How to use Openness and Honesty - in a surprising way - to gain an Extra Edge in Selling
  • If President Bush had used this SECRET (which he now uses very effectively in his speeches) in the election, there never would have been a President Clinton
  • Why and How to use Proven Selling FORMULAS
  • The Five Keys to Peak MENTAL Preparation for Each Selling Situation
  • THE all-time #1 best Closing Technique - THE only closing technique you need!
  • Apply Dan's TAKEAWAY SELLING - so people jump through hoops and just about beg to be your customers/clients/patients
    How to imperceptibly, even secretly CONTROL the outcome of every conversation
  • The SEVEN SECRETS of 'MAXIMUM PERSONAL INFLUENCE' - use them to transform your entire selling experience

"Midas Touch Selling".....$69.00


The Complete Midas Touch Library - all three of the above programs, a savings from their individual prices of $69.00 x 3 = $207.00. (You save $68.00). NEW LOW PRICE!


"Midas Touch Marketing"

"Midas Touch Direct Marketing"

"Midas Touch Selling"

"The Complete Midas Touch Library"



Mega Marketing Starter Kit Product #4:
Customer Appreciation Seminar

"Get the First Totally New, Full-Day Seminar Presented by Dan Kennedy in 5 Years -  Delivered to Your Living Room."

In February 1999, Dan Kennedy presented a full-day "Customer Appreciation Seminar" in Phoenix, attended by over 220 of his Inner Circle Members, who traveled from as far away as Australia to be there - the seminar was free, as a gift from Dan to his Members. But its value was so evident people came thousands of miles to be there.

Now I have to tell you, this was a VERY unusual seminar. While Dan did talk about the specialty he's known for; breakthrough marketing strategies - that's not all he talked about. For the first time ever in a seminar, he discussed his PERSONAL philosophies and business practices, responsible for his achieving extraordinary entrepreneurial and financial success. He even included what he calls his "Brass Balls Factors" - the sort of "harsh reality" success information nobody ever talks about publicly....what it REALLY takes to go from scratch to wealth, fast, against all resistance and all obstacles. But don't mistake any of this for "self-help pabulum." This was hard-hitting, "Adults Only" how to information.

Here is what Dan said, in his original letter, inviting his Members to the Seminar:

"This day might be the single most important day of your life, because I'm going to share with you my philosophy, my personal success principles, my entrepreneurial, deal-making, moneymaking and marketing strategies . . . . . EVERYTHING that has enabled me to be successfully self-employed for 25 years, to rise to the very top of not one but two professions, to create huge incomes and personal wealth."

--Dan Kennedy


Here Are A Few Of The Ways This Seminar Can Supercharge Your Skills, Skyrocket Your Income And Secure Your Financial Freedom

  1. You'll be taken "inside" my personal modus operandiYou'll "travel" from A- to -Z with me, through my experiences, as no other audience has done before or will do in the future. Get the synthesis of 25 years of "expensive experience" and use it as your personal shortcut to your goals.
  2. You will receive a "kit" of TEN WEALTH-BUILDING TOOLS to take home and use. This Tool Kit is a FREE GIFT.
  3. You will be shown actual examples and case histories of my most prized strategies at work.
  4. You will even hear from a number of my "students" about how they are using my methods in their businesses.
You see, I've been able to achieve Total Financial Liberty before even turning 45, and I started from the dirt up, with no personal or family resources, no backing, only a high school education. And, although I've taught thousands and thousands of hours of seminars, given over 1,500 speeches, written numerous books, etc., etc., I've never before presented ALL my "building blocks" of financial freedom at one time, in one place, integrated together.

When you have an understanding of ALL these "building blocks", you can at least equal my accomplishments and, as you wish, surpass them. And let me even define the overall objective for you; it is achieving what I call TOTAL FINANCIAL LIBERTY. This is how I see and live it: .
  1. Enough assets and wealth so that the passive income it provides can meet all your needs, so that you need never do a minute of work again if you don't want to.
  2. Earning income doing things that genuinely interest you. And feeling totally comfortable saying no to opportunities, jobs, etc. that do not or that no longer interest you.
  3. Earning income dealing only with people you want to deal with. And saying no to those you don't want to deal with, without even a twinge of regret.
  4. Being and feeling completely free of any pressure, other than self-imposed pressure to achieve goals totally of your own selection.
  5. Not caring at all what anybody or everybody else thinks of you, not worrying about who you please or offend.
  6. Arranging your lifestyle to suit you.
  7. Possessing the ability to create income at will, through direct marketing NOT through manual labor... to transcend any one business or product category and create profitable promotions for virtually any product, service or business - or charity, non-profit, political cause.
Aren't You Sorry You Missed Out

Good news though: this entire day and evening that Dan has just described WAS captured on audio CD. Professionally recorded, and mastered with an absolute minimum of editing, so listening to the tapes is as much like being there as possible.

An Amazingly Small Price:

Of course, I can't give you the CD's free, like Dan gave the Seminar as a gift. But then, you don't have to dip into your pocket for an airline ticket either, because now the whole Seminar's coming to you - and you'll be able to listen while you drive or take care of other tasks, and share this remarkable seminar-on-tape with your spouse or key associates. This seminar should have carried a registration fee of at least $500.00. And so $199.00 is a small price to pay for the CD's. What you gain from any one hour of the whole day and evening on CD could easily be worth $199.00. Since it costs $800.00 an hour to consult with Dan privately or by phone, this is like paying for 15 minutes - but getting the whole day! (By the way, not long ago, a repeat client of Dan's bought a day at his $5,600.00 rate, flew all the way across the country to meet with him, but ended the day after only 43 minutes. Why? Because he had everything he needed and more to solve the business problem he'd brought with him and wanted to get to work. He later told Dan that those 43 minutes had been worth over $180,000.00 to him the first month.) Look, anyway you want to slice or dice this, $199.00 is nothing, when you are getting THE ONLY ALL NEW SEMINAR DAN HAS PRESENTED IN OVER FIVE YEARS and the only seminar where he has revealed his personal result-getting, obstacle-smashing, wealth-multiplying strategies, bluntly, completely, nothing held back.

Customer Appreciation

"Customer Appreciation Seminar"

by Dan Kennedy



Mega Marketing DELUXE Pak Product #5:
Maximum Profit Direct Marketing!


Announcing -- A powerful new direct marketing manual.
If you want to make staggering profits on all your direct
marketing campaigns, this comprehensive manual is an
absolute must . . .

Maximum Profit Direct Marketing

How To Win Tons Of New Customers, Get Them To Buy More Often, Increase The Dollar Amount Of Every Sale, And Double Your Profits In Record Time!

What I'm about to show you is a risk-free, completely guaranteed way to make all your direct marketing far more profitable than you ever dreamed possible. For example, using just a couple of these simple, inexpensive techniques, one person recently tripled her sales in a mere 30 days.

Now I can't guarantee you'll triple your sales in 30 days, but I will promise you this: You will make at least $7,500 extra profit . . . and I mean $7,500 you never would have seen without this breakthrough information, or it won't cost you a dime.

The truth is, $7,500 in extra profit is just the tip of the iceberg. If you're like most of the people that use this course, you'll make much, much more!

Dear Friend,

I'd like to make you an extremely bold promise. You can easily transform your lukewarm direct marketing campaigns into powerful cash generators. You can quickly and easily double the profits of every ad and sales letter you run from now on.

I know this sounds a bit mind boggling. And, quite frankly, when I first decided to send you this letter I realized I had a serious problem.

My problem? How do I describe these powerful new strategies and techniques without making it sound like a bunch of hype? Or so seemingly extravagant you might be tempted to dismiss it?

The Costly Truth About Direct Marketing

There's this myth that it's easy to make big money in direct marketing with almost no risk. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'll be completely honest with you: the worst losses I've ever taken have been on direct marketing projects. And the worst losses I've ever seen my clients suffer were on direct marketing projects.

This probably comes as no big surprise to you. Because if you've done a mailing or run an ad lately, you know (by the hole in your bank account) that what I've just said is absolutely true.

Here's something crucial you should know:

The reason you've been getting such horrible results is directly connected to the way you've been strategizing and carrying out your direct marketing projects.

You see, the direct marketing techniques people are using today haven't kept pace with the times. They're still based on strategies and concepts that worked 10 or 20 years ago -- but fail miserably now.

I'll tell you something else that's a sure bet. If what you're doing now isn't producing the kind of profits you need, it surely won't do any better in the future.

Times have changed so radically and customers' buying habits have changed so drastically, you simply can't afford to keep throwing money out the window on outdated strategies and techniques.

That's where Maximum Profit Direct Marketing comes in. This manual is your direct ticket to restructuring all your direct marketing. The type of restructuring that will produce astounding jumps in your sales and profits in record time!

Here's What You Need To Start Cashing In
On All Your Direct Marketing Projects

The strategies in this powerful course are unbelievably effective yet extremely simple to put into action. Quite frankly, they can make you so much money so quickly, your head will spin!

One more thing. The strategies and techniques in Maximum Profit Direct Marketing are new and completely different. They are not being written about by anyone else or taught in any other course on the market.

Now I realize I'm making some awfully big promises here. And I certainly don't expect you to just blindly take my word for it. So, listen to how well these strategies have worked for the individuals and businesses who've used them.

Here's How Profitable These Techniques
Have Been For Others -- In Hard Dollars And Cents!

"Using just a couple of your strategies, we literally tripled our sales in just 30 days. Plus, each month we continue to blow away the previous month's sales record! Best of all, it didn't cost us a cent more than we were already spending to achieve this phenomenal increase."

-- Alba-Marie Besteni, CEO
Special Efx Productions

"Your concepts immediately shot our profit straight through the roof. I increased my income on one project by a very real 917%!"

-- Phil Kratzer, CEO
National Response Corporation

"I'm in awe! I wasn't prepared for this. Your material went far beyond anything I've ever seen in both its highly valuable content and organization. I came away with one breakthrough idea after another for my business."

-- Raleigh Pinskey, President
The Raleigh Group Public Relations

"It crystallized my thinking. As the result of just one of your techniques, I was able to make an instant $14,857!"

-- Don Alm, Owner
Advantage Marketing

"These techniques increased our sales by a whopping 328%!"

-- Bruce Elliott, President
The Gold And Diamond Center


You could be enjoying similar or even better results. Maximum Profit Direct Marketing will give you the new tools you need to get ahead and stay ahead. Right now and in the future.

You'll be amazed how quickly and easily this course can "grow" your sales and profits. That's because it's packed with simple, ingenious, inexpensive techniques that:

1. Flood your business with as many new customers as you can possibly handle.
2. Increase the average dollar amount of every sale you make.
3. Convert each customer you do business with from a one-shot sale to an eager, lifetime customer who buys from you again and again.
4. Make sure you get the maximum number of referrals from existing customers, new customers, and even from prospects.

Now, you may have heard similar promises in the past,
but . . .

Here's What Makes This Course So Different --
And So Much
More Profitable --
Than Anything Else You've Ever Seen

Most courses give you the same old rehash of twenty year old marketing techniques. Or they're written by professors based on classroom theories that have never been proven to work.

What's so different about Maximum Profit Direct Marketing is it consists completely of tested and proven strategies and techniques. Every strategy, tip, and technique has withstood the most demanding test possible: it has proven extremely profitable in the marketplace!

Many years and tens of thousands of dollars have been spent to develop, test, and finely hone these new strategies into consistently powerful winners that produce maximum sales and maximum profits.

Maximum Profit Direct Marketing reveals in step-by-step detail, cutting edge strategies and techniques that have been used to sell literally millions of dollars worth of products and services. Nothing is held back!

Once you've completed this manual, you'll command a powerful new understanding of what it takes to make maximum profits through direct marketing.

Here's How You Can Start Boosting Your Profits Right Away

Maximum Profit Direct Marketing has been designed to make sure you increase your sales and profits in the shortest time possible. Every strategy and technique can be put into action immediately. This course will show you the why of what you are doing without wasting a minute of your valuable time.

After quickly but thoroughly showing you why a technique works, you'll get clear, step-by-step instructions of precisely how to put it to use in your business. Plus, you're given a wealth of real life examples to thoroughly clarify every point.

Here's a list of just some of the powerful advantages you'll gain from this comprehensive manual:

Profit from the 18 key secrets of Maximum Profit Direct Marketing. These are the high-profit, proven "new rules" of direct marketing you can start using immediately to double your sales and profits. Once you kick them into gear, you'll seize so much market share, your competitors won't know what's hit them!
Insider's secrets for bringing in more new customers than you can possibly handle. For most direct marketers, lead generation is a costly, high risk proposition. You'll put an end to all that in short order. Find out how to turn lead generation into an extremely lucrative profit center. Plus, you get a powerful method for converting up to 75% more of your leads to paying customers.

How to regularly make astounding profits with an ingenious yet simple way of structuring your offer. This could easily be the most exciting, proven-in-the-trenches technique you'll ever discover.

You'll get fully documented details of several direct mail and marketing campaigns that produced outrageous profits using this powerful, little-known way of structuring an offer. This course will show you precisely how to produce consistent returns of 28 to 161 dollars for every dollar invested in marketing.

The closely guarded secrets for qualifying customers and markets for maximum profits. This is a simple, low-cost system for determining which markets are losers and which are high profit winners. A number of very savvy business people who have used this course were shocked to find out how little they actually knew about high profit qualifying processes. Some have said this one point alone was the catalyst for the major restructuring of all their direct marketing.
The secret to making a fortune by developing the ideal product. This accurate, inexpensive formula shows you how to develop obscenely profitable new products and services. This sure-fire process guarantees that you kill the dogs and run only with proven winners!
Gain a 10 minute "make over strategy that will shoot your sales right off the charts. This ingenious technique called "shifting-the-risk" can result in very real increases of as much as 400% for almost any product or service imaginable.
Find out precisely how to get all the information you'll ever need to outwit, out sell, and out profit even your most successful competitors. Discover why dirt-cheap "low-tech" research vastly outperforms complex, time-consuming methods. You'll find out how to quickly and easily determine the real reasons why people buy from you. And how to use that key information to kick your profits into overdrive.

Boost your profits with Opportunity Cycle Selling. Studies have shown that 80% of all customers buy the product they inquire about -- but not from the original company they first spoke to. That's because most companies drop a prospect who isn't ready to buy right away.

If you market this way, you're missing out on an immense, untapped resource. Opportunity Cycle Selling is a simple, inexpensive way to guide your prospects up the selling ladder from suspect to prospect to a cash paying customer.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how disarmingly simple and non-intrusive this method is. Your potential in increased profits from this technique alone are truly staggering!

The horrendous truth about mailing lists. Why most mailing lists are certain to drain the cash out of your bank account. Dirty tricks list brokers like to sucker you into renting deadbeat lists. You'll discover how to turn all this around and reap enormous profits from normally lukewarm lists. Plus, you'll find out how to get obscenely wealthy by paying through the nose to rent the most expensive lists on the planet!
How to avoid this huge financial disaster. WARNING: One seemingly innocent direct marketing situation can flatten your sales and put you out of business in short order. Learn how to identify it before it happens and avoid it like the plague.

Discover how to maximize your sales and profits through Precision Marketing Systems. The real money in direct marketing comes from simple, turn-key marketing systems you can run over and over to get predictable, highly profitable results. This is one of the least understood aspects of direct marketing.

You'll gain a complete understanding of how and why these systems produce exceptional profits day in and day out. And you'll get all the details of a number of highly effective systems. Plus, you get complete instructions on how to set up the systems you need to produce automatic profits 24 hours a day -- whether you're in the office, away on vacation, even home asleep!

Avoid these costly mistakes and make your direct mail tremendously more profitable. Find out the 13 worst mistakes most companies make when using direct mail. Make sure these mistakes don't rob you of all the profits you're entitled to.
Actually profit from complaints and refunds. Master a simple, fast-acting technique that turns customer complaints and refund requests into big profits for your business.

The "Maximum Profit Power Formula". Most direct marketers don't go out of business for lack of capital, they go out of business because they don't understand where the money really is in their market. This proven formula shows where the profits really are and precisely how to tap into them right away.

Plus, crucial information on how to "fail successfully". Anyone in direct marketing who tells you they haven't failed is either an amateur or a liar. The key is to learn from your failures and apply that knowledge to turning out winners.

How to double your profits in record time with the 4-Step Marketing Turn-Around. This has to be the fastest, easiest way to turn any company's sales around. Or make an already successful company even more profitable. This formula is so simple and foolproof, most business owners can't believe they never thought of it themselves.
The single most damaging myth everyone still believes about direct marketing. Huge sums of money are being lost every day in direct mail. This incredibly dangerous myth can put you out of business in short order. But if you recognize it and understand a few simple steps for turning it around, the profits are nearly unlimited.
  Double your success rate with this ingenious technique. You'll get a simple, foolproof way to predetermine whether any ad or sales letter you're considering using will be a success or failure -- before you ever invest a dime in it!
How to make certain your prospects immediately open all your direct mail. There are dozens of new claims flooding the market on how to make sure your direct mail gets noticed and opened. Only 3 of them really work! This information alone can put thousands of dollars of extra profit in your pocket.
Reap huge profits from an auto-pilot referral system that works like crazy! Discover a simple, dignified way to get active customers, inactive customers, even prospects to swamp you with more referrals than you can handle.
Win big with this instant cash generator. A simple, five minute change in your advertising copy can result in windfall profits. Once you know exactly how and when to make this change, the sky's the limit!
Why credibility is the crucial factor in the selling of any product or service. How to get and effectively use all the credibility you'll ever need. Plus, how to "borrow" another company's credibility and use it to sell tons of your products or services.

Plus, you'll get an incredible war-chest of ingenious "tricks of the trade". These are the closely guarded secrets master direct marketers use to vastly outperform their competition time and time again.

Once you see these powerful techniques, you'll wonder why advertising agencies don't instruct their clients to use them all the time. The answer to that is simple. Ad agencies don't even have a clue that these techniques exist!

I'm sure you'll agree this is a rather astounding list of advantages you'll be getting. But I want to remind you that this is just a partial inventory of what you'll find in this comprehensive course. There's much more than I have space to elaborate on here.

For example, you'll also get . . .

. . . powerful techniques for generating as many leads as possible -- HOT, qualified leads too, not the "lookers" who waste your time and money.

. . . dozens of actual ads and sales letters you can duplicate, modify, use any way you want to sell your own products.

. . . secrets of powerful closing techniques.

. . . insider's tips for powerful offers, guarantees, order cards, bonuses and everything else it takes for a winning sales package.

. . . tips, techniques, and strategies for pumping maximum selling power into your ad copy.

. . . lucrative back-end selling systems.

And there's still much, much more!

Here's The Bottom Line!

When you complete this course, you'll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking up staggering profits immediately.

Think about this for a minute: Imagine what it would be like to have the confidence of knowing your direct marketing is as effective as possible. That it's letting you run circles around your competition.

How would you feel knowing you're one of a very limited few who can count on making huge profits with your direct marketing rather than blowing major holes in your bank account? How would you feel having to scramble to hire more employees when everyone else seems to be laying off their best people? I know you'd feel great!

This is precisely what you'll gain from this course. In this very real sense, Maximum Profit Direct Marketing will change your life and your employees' lives forever.

Here's How You Get Started

The cost of this unique manual is just $237 (plus shipping and handling). I think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain.

Here's why: This price includes everything I've told you about -- plus a number of extraordinary bonuses. In fact, one bonus is something that can easily pay you back more than the entire cost of the course. I'll tell you about the bonuses in a few minutes. But first, here's a little more about the course itself.

There's the detailed Maximum Profit Direct Marketing manual with tons of information, checklists, and powerful tips and techniques for increasing your profits even more.

If you want to secure your financial future . . . if you want to stop gambling on how well your business will do . . . if you want to take control of how much more profitable and pleasurable your business can be, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

Don't wait. Order your Maximum Profit Direct Marketing manual right now. That way you can get on a fast track to doubling your sales and profits as quickly as possible!


I will throw in Bob Serlings e-book titles "Zero Costs Free Leads Program"!


Included in this package:

1) The BRAND NEW, most recent edition of the Magnetic Marketing System Toolkit w/ CD's plus BONUS Special Reports on CD-ROM. ($399.00 value)

2) The BRAND NEW, complete, most recent edition of The New Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference, including Special Report on CD-ROM. ($199.00 value)

3) The BRAND NEW, complete, most recent edition of The Midas Touch Library on CD!  ($139.00 value)

4) The BRAND NEW, complete, most recent edition of Maximum Profit Direct Marketing Manual($237.00 value) + Bob Serlings e-book titled "Zero Costs Free Leads Program" ($130.00 value)

5) The BRAND NEW, complete, most recent edition of the Customer Appreciation Seminar.


3 Magnetic Marketing Special Reports
on CD-ROM. ($99.97 value) 

Dan Kennedy's #1 Marketing Challenge Consultation Coupon. ($400 value)

(2) “2nd Opinion Critique Certificates” from Dan Kennedy, ($400 value)


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"140,000.00 in business in 4 days"

140,000.00 in business in 4 days, and a big chunk of that was extra revenue I'd have never seen without the one suggestion you gave me. If I'd been using that one since the first of the year, I'd be at least $100,000.00 farther ahead.

- Joe Polish
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"My Earnings Have Increased
By 159%.

Ever since I first saw you speak and bought your materials, my life has changed for the better. My selling was pathetic! My attitude was pitiful. My income decreasing. NOT ANYMORE. My selling is great - I just closed the largest single order in my division history; $1,472,050.00! My earnings have increased by 159%.

- Joe Gedymin
Oconomowoc, WI


"Dan Kennedy is directly responsible for my selling over $500,000 books and videos"

- Darrel Montero
Phoenix, AZ


"The results are outstanding"

Knowing Kennedy is knowing that he practices every point and idea he shares. The results are outstanding for those who listen and act.

-Herb True, professor of management, College of Business Administration, University of Notre Dame


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